Sunday, June 22, 2014

all about the animals in 5 ways

sebastiao salgado at fotografiska
Sebastião Salgado, exhibition Genesis currently at Fotografiska, very well worth a visit if you're in Stockholm

I promise you'll go from tears to laughter, if you read/watch these five pieces. As it's always better to go from sad to happy, let's begin with the tears bit (but it all ends well!). Not every piece is brand new, but they are all worth a peek or two. That I promise too.

~ Depressed goat gets reunited with his bestie donkie friend - be prepared with tissues galore.

Gorgeous, sweet and quirky family photos of children and animals in a rural Polish village - these photos will only warm your heart.

~ Cat people are apparently smarter than dog people - but that we already knew, right? Right.

 ~ Very, very high on my wish-list now is this lovely rolling pin with engraved cats... I'm sure the cookies will taste even better with it, can be bought in the Etsy shop - in the curious case you wouldn't want cats as motif there are other motifs as well.

~ Last, but certainly not least, Fat Cat Art will make you burst into laughter, absolutely brilliant photomontages with a fat, red cat inserted in famous paintings. The cat's expressions are priceless.

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