Monday, June 23, 2014

the linen coat 2014

linen coat 2014

One might not think I lack something to wear, but indeed I did lack a perfect unpretentious, light summer coat for chillier days. As usual the image in my head of what the perfect, light summer coat should look like didn't meet what was offered in shops. But today I found it.

linen coat 2014

I wanted a light linen coat in a simple, stylish design of good quality. This time, very unlike me, I wasn't looking for a colourful coat, there are som many colours around during the summer anyway - the fabulous happy coat is still the perfect winter coat of course. And funny enough it was really difficult to find that simple design, in linen, in neutral colour.

But I'm happy to report I did find one in the end. This one I got at the summer sales at Bric-a-Brac, it's a lovely, slightly quirky coat and I can't wait to get it all wrinkly and sweet. My plan is to wear it for 20 years or so to come - which is a scary thought really... so let's settle for the next five years for now - good quality and timelessness can achieve that.

Not that I want the summer weather to continue to be this kind of miserable, but a rare day now and then, I could live with that for the months to come and so could the perfect summer coat me thinks. (Hope I didn't jinx the Swedish summer by saying that, sorry...). Just sharing a little bit of happiness in a linen coat.

linen coat 2014

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CrimsonAnna said...

Ah, linen. Such a great summer fabric. I'm trying to get some more linen clothes.

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