Tuesday, June 17, 2014

tedx stockholm - what's cooking?

tedx stockholm
Mikael Kristiansen, contemporary circus artist

Yesterday's TEDx Stockholm salon had the title "What's cooking?" with talks about food as a source for filling physical, emotional and social needs.

tedx stockholm

My favourite talk one was by Ebba Åkerman who has created the "Invitationsdepartementet" (The Departement of Invitations) in order to further integration by encouraging people to invite people from other cultures to dinners in their homes. That cultural clashes can be enriching, educational, creating understanding and new ideas. Perhaps even give you new friends? And eating good food and have fun is never a bad idea. Sharing a meal is food culture at its finest.

So far 42 dinners have been eaten via the Department of Invitations - her aim is to have 10000 eaten before the Swedish election in September.

tedx stockholm

Favourite talk two was by best-selling investigative reporter and author Mats-Eric Nilsson, whose books sparked a profound debate in Scandinavia about food additives and adulterated food. His work has influenced both consumers and food producers to change habits. He's currently editor-in-chief of Swedish food magazine Hunger.

Personally it was a long time since I bought the kind of food products he talked/write about. Since a basic rule is fewer, fresh, natural, organic ingredients are always better. But I'm still horrified about the dirty business the food industry in many ways is. And still so many people are hungry on this planet of ours...

Here are 3 simple advices that you as a consumer can do to change your life and the world;

1. Read the label on the food package. If you can't pronounce or understand the ingredients list, don't buy the food product!
2. Turn off the auto-pilot when you go to the grocery store. Instead buy food in season.
3. Cook from scratch. Use fresh ingredients you understand.

tedx stockholm

tedx stockholm
Dorotea Malmegård, former chef at fancy restaurants all over the world, now running a home restaurant and catering business

tedx stockholm
Niklas Ekstedt, TV-chef, restaurateur in Stockholm, one being a Michelin star-restaurant, and cook-book author

It was a fine evening spent, but it would have been great with at least one talk that made more of the connection food - health - sustainability - compassion. By someone passionate who has ideas and goals of creating a better society.

By now we're used to the quality of the speakers being very varied at these events (which are still overall very enjoyable of course). Just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean the someone has something interesting to say, ideas worth spreading.

The truly inspirational oomph we got fed by this awesome guy, Ron Finley, guerilla gardener in Los Angeles. Do listen to the talk! As usual inspirational life stories and passionate, creative ideas for creating a better world always trumps a celebrity status as such.

tedx stockholm

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