Sunday, June 15, 2014

the littlest gardener

ågot alnwick

This one consider herself the greatest purry gardening help in the whole wide world - it's an exhausting job my somecat has to do it!

the gardening proof

Let's just say she's completely exaggerating her part in it. I've got the leg/s to prove I've been doing my bit - it looks worse than it is, I just got pretty dirty, cleansing for the garden, body and mind that is - she's not the least bit dirty. As you can see the cats were of no help at all actually. If you don't count the "Look there's something new lying on the lawn, let's see if it's good for a nap"-attitude for help.

raspberry, cherry, apple, almond pie

Baking an awesome pie was also a great part of the weekend. Just doing the most of the latest batch of kind eggs. Eating it was probably even better. Raspberry, apple, cherry and almond pie it was. I found some unidentifiable berries in the freezer which I threw into the pie, turned out they were indeed cherries, kernels intact. Glad I realised that before I bit really hard into one. Other than that, the eating of the pie was pure bliss.

hedgehog meets chubs

And then there was this meet cute, "Hi, Hedgehog, my name is Chubs, lovely to meet you!" -

thus all and all a lovely, relaxing weekend, just the way I wanted it to be. Thank you for that.

Now I'm all set and ready for a week of wonderful things to happen ~

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Our cats also help. Not. Love the hedge pig though.

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