Wednesday, June 11, 2014

happiness is a home office with a hedgehog

hedgehog 2014

A recurring discussion amongst friends and acquaintances is whether working from home is fab or drab. As a creative closet extrovert (ie a social introvert) I can see no negative aspects at all of having a (perfect, pink) home office. I get so much more work done on my own, in a calm environment I've chosen myself without tiresome distractions.

And when I feel my closet extrovert insisting on company and social activities off-line it's the easiest thing to book lunches, coffee dates and meetings with potential business partners and clients to bounce ideas. And friends of course. Meeting them, not bouncing them.

Quality development and further education you get from seminars (and a surprising amount of them are free) and taking classes not to mention new, exciting collaborations. And variety with its friend curiousity are the spices of life, that allow us to grow and develop.

But if I wasn't the lucky gal with a fab pink home office I wouldn't be able to pause from working, taking only a few steps to get to the summer garden for a bit of r&r.

And I wouldn't be blessed with a meet cute of the hedgehog kind in the middle of the day.

And I certainly wouldn't be even more blessed with having the meet cute getting even cuter as in cat meets hedgehog scenes.

hedgehog 2014

Just. Look. At. That. Face. (Those. Expressions.)

Thus the conclusion must be that happiness is indeed a home office. With a hedgehog. And cats. And a garden close at hand.

hedgehog 2014


Elephant's Child said...

Happiness indeed.

Unknown said...

I have to agree....Home is where the majority of things get done!

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