Friday, June 13, 2014

work, pug, cake

prosit at work

Today was Friday the 13th, to be honest I had expected amazing things and fireworksy matters to happen. But perhaps small blessings and sweet things can be considered fireworks in disguise. In that case these three matters are my favourites of this June 13 -

1. The finishing of a rather extensive copywriting assignment - and learning a lot along the way, not everything pleasant unfortunately. It made me think a lot about how presumptiously we humans keep treating the environment and nature, like its the most natural thing to do... And then someone like I steps in and sugarcoat the matters with smooth talking words... - recharging for the last bits with smoothie goodness and encouraging small sized woollies. And somehow all is well. For the here and now. From my point of view.

a pug amongst sceptical cats

2. The entusiastic visit of one special pug. Amongst very sceptical cats. The third day of faces that says it all...

geranium cake

3. The baking of a cake. This time a geranium cake I've been meaning to bake for ages. Or as it happens to be called in Swedish; 'Pias pelargonkaka' ie Pia's geranium cake - not named after me, but a splendid name choice anyway. It turned out lovely and special. Will blog the recipe another day.

Now I'm simply ready for a relaxing weekend.
How about you?

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Unknown said...

The cake sounds very interesting...nice to have doggie visitors!

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