Wednesday, September 10, 2014

cinnamon crispbread

cinnamon crispbread

Crispbread (knäckebröd) must be one of the most Swedish food items there is. In my opinion best enjoyed with a spread of butter and a slice of cheese. And a pile of cucumber.

And I'm not much for fancy schmancy new flavours and textures when it comes to crispbread, I like them plain and I enjoy the ones with poppyseeds. So when my mum was all delighted about the cinnamon flavoured ones I was really sceptical, but she insisted that I tried them. So she got be a package and when opening the packaging the scent of cinnamon was really lovely, but it left me still sceptical. Really, smells more like gingersnaps than bread.

Looking at the ingredients list I gathered that the second largest ingredient was sugar. Not impressed, more than a tad bit appalled actually. If we're not talking buns, cakes and biscuits bread should not contain added sugar. Period.

So when I put a spread of butter on the first (and what would most likely be my last) piece of cinnamon crispbread I was not looking forward to having a bite of it really.

Turned out it was rather, ahem, addictive from the first bite. Too sweet of course, but oh the crispiness and all that cinnamon, with butter and cheese it's pretty delightful. It would have been even more so if the sugar was omitted though. And even if I enjoyed the package - yes, admittedly I did finish the whole roll - I will not buy it myself. Because of the unnecessary sugar content.

But if the maker Wasa one day sees sense and makes a cinnamon crispbread without sugar I'll be the first to buy it, I'm sure.

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