Sunday, September 28, 2014

prosit has a new computer

new computer

Say hello to my and Prosit's new computer! I'm so pleased to finally get it. The old one, which came to live with me 4+ years ago, has been acting up more and more lately so it was time to look for something new. And this is what I decided on. It's a HP Pavilion and I feel it offers what I'm after as well as being rather snazzy looking. I'm so glad to have a white/silver computer this time, it's fresh and inspiring and hopefully we'll spend many years (well, at least 4+) together in a most prosperous way!

I've just ordered what I hope to be a fantastic customized skin for the new PC, very Prosit it is, because surrounding oneself with beauty and inspiration is always a good thing to do of course. And then there'll be a proper case for it. I'm hoping that I can get one from Swedish company P.A.P, like the one for the iPad. But it may be the silly little case of they only make cases for MACs. So if that's the case (no pun intended) I'll try and find another sturdy cover that's made of recycled materials.

The new computer has been inspected by the small sized woollies and I think they're pretty impressed. They have also promised to do their bit with keeping it clean and fresh with their little pink vacuum. If not there may be a case of restricted cafe visits and with-holding pastries. And that would be disastrous from a bobbaloo point of view I'm sure.

new computer

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