Tuesday, September 02, 2014

secrets, classes and autumn shoes

autumn shoes

To say that the month of September has gotten off with a flying start would be, if not an understatement, at least certainly true. On day two of autumn the following happies happened -

~ I got an extensive copywriting assignment from my regular client  - which I have been working with for a year now, which in itself does call for a celebration of sorts come to think of it... - more comprehensive than usual, so in order to complete it alongside other tasks I had to cancel the hairdresser appointment.

~ Something which usually makes me very disappointed. But you know what? I'm alright with it this time, because a) hair is in great condition b) I want hair to grow in length, which doesn't happen if I trim it as regularly as I do, I'll stick to good hairpaks instead for a while now c) due to sun bleaching those sad grays aren't really visible yet d) I've got scissors. I can trim bangs.

~ Got a really interesting and hopefully exciting proposition via LinkedIn. But mum's the word. Intriguing will have to do.

~ A pretty snazzy pair of autumn shoes arrived (El Naturalista, Colibri, two-tone maryjanes). Somehow there are always reasons to celebrate with shoes, go figure.

~ It's impossible to read or notice everything in your Twitter-feed, but sometimes you happen to take a glance at it at the right time and see something that makes you want to know more. This evening I did that. I saw someone recommend an online class in storytelling to make a difference. Today was the last day to sign up, tomorrow the class starts. Turned out it was free, which is pretty amazing. So I after reading all the information I signed up. I don't see myself as a very spontaneous type, so I'm a bit shocked and pleased about my behaviour right now. I had planned to take a class of some sort this autumn, but I couldn't figure out exactly on what. I'm glad I stumbled over this because it feels so right.

September dear, more of this please. Gratitude and peace.

autumn shoes


Isabella G&G said...

First of all lovely lovely shoes Pia, as always! Here in Southern Spain we're still wearing sandals and I don't expect to start wearing closed shoes anywhere before October. But the day will come and I'm really looking forward to "estrenar" my brand new apple-green ankle boots! BTW, "estrenar" is a Spanish verb that means "to use something for the very first time". Isn't that awesome to have a word with that exact meaning? One of my favourites indeed.

Feisty Harriet said...

Um, those are adorable!!


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