Thursday, September 11, 2014

election sweden 2014

swedish election 2014

Having done my bid for democracy and pre-voted in the Swedish elections today. In the perfect colour combination of course, pink and green (like in the May EU-election). Gender equality and the environment are the two most important matters to deal with now (alongside animal rights of course) for this planet's wellbeing.

I have every confidence that we'll finally see a change of government on Sunday (official election day). These past eight years have been hell for the lesser fortunate, for schools, the care system, the unemployed and sick. Not to mention the environment and animals.

The current government is incredibly cynical, profit hungry, without compassion and interest in equality and environmental issues. They've basically done their best to dismantling a wellfare society (that needed updating) while lining their own and friends' pockets via dirty business deals and corruption.

swedish election 2014

Having done one's bid for democracy also calls for a celebratory fika aka a vote-pastry. Not the pastry I had planned for but the chocolate cake was a reasonably nice and rich treat just the same. And the weather was rather glorious and summerish.

Now I'm just looking forward to Sunday when the election campaigns will finally be over. And the litter will be removed (hopefully...). And a new, more compassionate, environmental friendly and clever government will be in place.

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Elephant's Child said...

Fingers and toes crossed.

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