Friday, September 05, 2014

happy friday ~

växplats nybyn

Again and again I've said that one of many good things with running your own business is that you can usually decide when to work and when to have a day off all by yourself. No need to be chained to the desk 9-5 Monday to Friday. Every day is like any day, I work Saturdays or Sundays, sometimes half the day and sometimes I even take a day off in the middle of the week etc etc and so forth. So I don't really look forward to weekends, because any day can be a day off for me. Or on days.

That said, this week has been quite a full one. Both good and bad. So I'm really rather looking forward to the weekend this time. Outings, gardens, flowers, castles and fika are planned for. And the mundane task of vacuuming.

I've also decided, for now, that I won't try to grasp people's strange behaviours. I prefer watching pandas playing on a slide. Which is, believe it or not, rather addictive to watch.

And if you've missed this brilliant IKEA commercial about the powerful bookBook - go watch right away.

You might also enjoy listening to George Ezra's Budapest or Leaving it up to you - what an amazing voice he has...

Don't forget you grow and learn by saying yes to new, unexpected and sometimes awkward things - I love the notion of being a surprisologist! You get lots of good advice how to become one in the article. Why not take the opportunity to try someof the things this weekend? I'm sure that would bring more awesome into your life.

Happiest of weekend one and all!

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