Sunday, September 07, 2014

the amazing bobbaloos and their magic castles

for this weekend i was very much in need of refilling my happy account. it has been a topsy turvy week, in unexpected ways, both good and bad and with far too little sleep. thus happy account as well as good sleeping needed refill.

i do believe the mission has been accomplished. yesterday was sunflowers and good. today we enjoyed the last day of toy car outing 2014. and the summer weather lingered on. plus we made the bobbaloos very happy. they got to rub shoulders (and pick nose) with royals - though of course, like me, they only enjoy castles for their fairytale charm, certainly not in any monarchy or hoity toity way.

and castle spotting. not only one, but two. it could have been three but i fear that would indeed have been too much excitement for small sized woollies to bear. (besides they did get to visit a castle yesterday too, the one with the sunflowers galore.)

svartsjö castle and drottningholm castle (a bit of versailles in stockholm).

and we had a pretty great apple-astic brunch too. at favourite place äppelfabriken (the apple factory). all and all a fine round-off to the toy car season. and the weekend. and the bewildering week. all set for a week of many splendid things to happen now.

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