Friday, September 26, 2014

the cat and the pug

whenever we have a distinguished pug visit the three youngest cats are more and more intrigued. the pug named malte loves the cats and would definitely like to play. and since he'a a gentler sort (and not as clever) than the terrier loaf malte i think they'd enjoy eachother very much. small steps. every time.

the latest visit there was even a close encounter of the mutual sniff kind. and a bit of excitement. cuteness galore.

the pug also enjoy a good brushing and rub, which gets him even more excited. he's such a fun and quirky dog. at least when he gets to visit us. i'm pretty sure he doesn't live a very excited life in general, there's a lot of potential in that dog that hasn't been fulfilled. so i hope he gets a bit of well-deserved r&r (as in rumpus & racket) when he visits us.

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