Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the prosit office of the day

i really enjoy having meetings and working at cafes. the obvious drawback when you're alone at cafes working for longer periods of time the getting more tea/coffee and loo breaks are terrible inconvenient if you don't have someone really reliable to watch your things. this i tend to do the latter very rarely.

but when it happens i enjoy it. and today i spent some hours with this as my office. not too shabby me thinks?

one of my favourite spots in gothenburg, antikhallarna, where antique shops share the halls with a really sweet cafe that serves excellent fika and especially fab waffles.

so of course i had a waffle break!

now on a train home, 3 hours delayed. so far, who knows when it'll arrive in stockholm... but i did have some lovely meetings and work done in gothenburg, when i finally sleep in my own bed i'll remember the good stuff of this trip. like a really nice office of the day. and waffles.

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