Monday, September 01, 2014

welcome sheldon and dymphna

welcome sheldon and dymphna

The arrival of two new bobs to the Scandinavian settlement, to colour spice things up, surely that must be the best way to start a new month, to start the autumn, right? Right.

Say hello to dotty Sheldon and pinky Dymphna. Welcome committee was Rodney and Minxy.

As some of the bobs have grown a bit fuzzy and scuffed with all the travelling, eating, general curiosity and excitement over life and thereby become well-deserved retirees only venturing out in the garden at home ie no more bobbaloo travel cabin adventures for them - the ol' travel cabin falling into pieces itself now - new, perky, adventurous bobs are most welcome to Swedonia.

Sheldon and Dymphna will after a proper introduction, talk and play time, begin work with travelling, sampling vegetarian food (especially desserts and cakes of course, since their sweet tooth is one of them bobs most prominent feature), modelling, proof reading texts, smelling flowers and of course being totally excited as only bobbaloos can be.

Upon arrival they also quickly learnt that cats aren't all that scary. At least not all the time.

welcome sheldon and dymphna

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CrimsonAnna said...

Hello Sheldon and Dympha and welcome =) Hope Dympha puts her heart to good use, and Sheldons grey fur and turquiose dots are a lovely combo, like summer and fall co-op =)

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