Monday, September 15, 2014

the dirty business of politics and a bobbaloo that could have made a difference

welcome nerdle and ruby

If Ruby and her friend Nerdle (who will get a post of their own tomorrow and don't worry, no bobbaloo were harmed when this picture was taken!) had arrived a wee bit earlier she would have been the perfect good luck charm for the elections yesterday. Pink, red and green as her strawberry bob is.

Sadly she didn't and thus what a sad mess the result turned out to be. I'm glad to report there will be a change of government, not glad to not see the Feminist Initiative making a huge difference in the parliament and certainly not happy about the fact that the racist party The Swedish Democrats gaining even more influence in parliament and thus being a weigher.

The only way to keep them from being that weigher and causing an even more mess would be for a coalition to govern. The Social Democrats are the largest party, but without their own majority alongside the Greens and the Left Party (which they would have been if the Feminist party had gotten seats) they'll likely now try and form a government that Sweden isn't used to, namely the coalition rather than the Left-Right policy.

As far as I'm concerned the East-West policy is so outdated, it has been for a long long time. Unfortunately too few politicians (apart from the Greens I'd say) see that and they prefer to behave like petulant children in a sandpit. There are indeed reasons for disgust of politicians...

So now when more than ever it's so important for the environment, for all of us, in order to create a better world, a better Sweden and not let a rather horrific party of discontent get too much influence it would be flattering if the other parties would come together as a solid group.

But even at election night these, supposedly grown ups, we call (right wing) politicans thought it was much worse that a left wing party could possibly gain influence in the government than a racist party having grown so much during these past eight years of Sweden being governed by a right wing alliance. Acting like ridiculous prestigious cranky kids.

So very undignified a democracy.

Or we get the politicians we deserve.

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