Sunday, September 02, 2007


As I've mention a few times before I am, amongst many other things, a major castle buff. It is something truly magical about castles, memories from the past still lingering on, and perhaps too many story-books east of the sun and west of the moon...

Be as it may, I'm constantly drawn to castles, not necessarily inside - since frankly, having seen a few you've sort of seen them all... - , I'm just as happy to go exploring outside, discovering the gardens, the ambiance, daydreaming away.

Like with many experiences, the less crowded the better so I tend to shy away from the really very touristy castles, or at least get there when there are less people around. Which isn't always possible and can really be a setback as far as magic and dreaming are concerned... Like the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein... Which was truly amazing irl, but the experience so incredibly ruined by the massive invasion of tourists...

Sometimes I can't believe my luck when I actually stumble over a castle and there are hardly no visitors around, and even better when there's absolutely noone to be seen. Oh the thrill, the magic to be discovered on your own plus company, being a palace explorer doesn't get much better than that, ah bliss!

I also have a semi-professional interest in castles in Great Britain, so whenever we're on our regular driving holidays over there, there are always a bundle of castles to drop by. I really love being the mapreader pointing in the direction of yet another hidden gem of a castle then. It's the best!

An no it doesn't have to be a castle in full bloom, quite the contrary many times, castle ruins can certainly leave a lot to the stirring imagination to ponder about...

My favourite castle/s over the years then? Well, Neuschwanstein is really a fairytale one, but yes also too much of a tourist trap. So I'll chose Castle Howard in Yorkshire - my favourite county in England with my favourite city York. And I completely blame James Herriot for this... - ,

which I'd dream about visiting ever since my all time favourite TV-series "Brideshead Revisited" was on TV when I was a child - and such a blasphemy to do a remake of it, oh the sheer an utter horror of even thinking about it!! - and yes, it was quite heavenly to, years ago now, be able to finally explore the place on one's own...

But there are many more that have been such a privelege and delight to discover and explore I don't know where to begin or continue writing... So instead I give you a cavalcade of some of the castles I've been enjoying visiting in Sweden over the years. And oh, how fortunate, there are yet more to be discovered and explored...
070811 033
Örbyhus, Uppland
070805 003
Lejondal, Uppland (the Stockholm suburbs), alas now conference facilities...
Summer 2006
Grönsöö, Uppland
070624 049
Bro Hof Castle, Uppland (the Stockholm suburbs), now renovated and opened up as an exclusive golf course and gourmet restaurant. Golf no, but dinner yes please, I don't live very far from this lovely place...
060804 006
Fiholm, Södermanland
060730 005
Mälsåker, Södermanland
060804 051
Sundbyholm, Södermanland, now conference facilities
Bogesunds slott
Bogesund, Uppland (outside Vaxholm), where the movie Drowning Ghost was shot
Görvälns slott
Görväln, Uppland (the Stockholm suburbs), quite a decent restaurant and summer café too, not very far from my vet's actually. Remember the Oscar-nominated - hilariously overacted and much hyped - Swedish movie Evil? It was mainly shot at Görvälns Castle
mat&dryck 019
Svartsjö, Uppland (the Stockholm suburbs)
070716 037
Tyresö, Uppland (the Stockholm suburbs)


Anonymous said...

Wow, your photos are so clear and detailed! I also love castles. Unfortunately in Australia we don't have the same sort of history, and therefore castles are far and in between. But when I went to England, I was awestruck at all the amazing and beautiful castles, and I believe your photos really captured them!

stromsjo said...

Several good shots. The one from Grönsöö is surprisingly good given that the sunlight comes from the "wrong" direction.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Katie! Yes, I suppose we're spoiled with castles in many countries in Europe, and as you say, UK is the best to discovered them in:)

Thanks, Per! Sometimes the backlight compensation actually do work in one's favour...:)

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