Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Gentle Cradle Snatchers

The way the two mothers Sigrid and Tyra - halfsisters - interact with eachothers kittens is so very sweet. And the kittens - about three weeks apart - seem quite happy with the arrangement of moving from box to box, or perhaps from rowhouse to rowhouse, a new mum moving in to their house, sometimes even sharing one small rowhouse all of them together.

The soon to be three weeks old ones, Viktor, Vilgot & Viola, have also figured out how to get out of one house and into the other, when they feel the milkbar has run out of interesting choices on offer.

W-kittens then, they were four, and during the night they became five, when they were joined by a little black boy. Pure luck I was still awake when it happened, there's a lot to be said for that good ol' gut feeling... He seems so tiny compared to the others, who are already wrestling fiercely over the best seats in the milkbar, I hope he's a tiny fighter and make sure he gets what he needs. Will have to keep an extra eye on that one.

To begin with I was pretty sure the redspotted (dotty) one was a boy, one of the redtabby twins a girl, the other a boy and the colourpoint one - which hasn't begun developing his point colour as yet. It's nearly 15 years since I last had a colourpoint kitten in a litter, and then it was Persians, and I don't remember how long it took until the points (face, ears, paws, tail) began to develop colour. I'm fairly sure it'll be red or cream, though maybe blue or lilac, considering the very light nuance of the whitish body. Very exciting indeed! - a boy too.

To begin with yes, now I'm thinking that probably all the red ones are girls instead. Sigh, some kittens are so very easy to gender, other simply are not. And once you've become uncertain they somehow tend to end up female... So two boys and three girls, or perhaps three boys and two girls. Their names hence will remain a secret for yet some time. But the pictures I give you below!

070922 024
070922 026W
070923 003

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