Thursday, September 20, 2007

Free Soups

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Thanks to Anne I had the opportunity to go to the restaurant expo the other day, open only to people in the business. So on that particular day I had drastically changed my occupation... Can't say I was impressed by the whole event, at all - and not only because it was a whole lot of semi products and far from enough vegetarian and/or healthy alternatives, since that I was quite aware of before hand.

For me the Sollentuna Expo Center really is quite a shabby, second-rate hall for exhibitions. Whatever the arrangements - for me it has been cat- and pet-shows, handicraft, design, and food expos - the hall is never ever a good one, lousy ventilation, crummy and incommodious. They will be moving to new locations in Kista next autumn though.

This time it was also a very strange lack of interest in visitors when it came to the people in the different exhibition cases. They seemed all too happy to chat with eachother instead - silly me who thought the very obvious reason to attend an expo as an exhibitor was to show oneself and possibly get new customers...

The food sampling I did myself is not worth mentioning, mostly quite unsavoury as far as my tastebuds were concerned. Home with me came some different samples of flour, spices and boxes of new (?) flavours of Campbell's soups, ready to eat. Let's just say I had a severe case of pain in shoulders, neck and arms yesterday since we're talking several litres carrying around for hours... And somehow it felt *very* important to get them all home with me...

Creamy vegetable and classic tomato, both quite nice in flavour, and I say flavour singular since they both basically taste the same. Yes, nice, creamy flavour, but I wouldn't buy them myself since there are just too many weird extracts added and I like to, if possible, know and understand why a certain ingredient is added. Simple is often best when it comes to food, I think, generally.

So the main thing I got from these soups - apart from a serious case of muscle soreness - was inspiration for varying and extending my own soup repertoire. And now is really the perfect season for rootveggies and enjoying warm soups in what might turn into heavy autumn weather any day now.

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