Saturday, September 29, 2007

WCB #121 - Modern Living

What I want and what the cats want isn't always the same - as a general rule I like to have it my way, and they have to accept that. Kind of, sort of, pretty often. But then there are those times when I just can't get around the fact that they probably know what's best, even if I want it in a very different way.

I like very strict rules of which rowhouse belongs to whom, which baby is to be fed by which mother - and not a very extended family of ten cats in one rowhouse (i e box). Yes, there are only two grown ups of these ten, and three small ones - three very bouncy small ones... - and five tiny ones. But really, one mother in each house, with her own babies, is how it should be, and if they want to play - then do that in the yard, not a lot of dashing in and out of the neighbouring house.
070929 012
And the five tiny ones need their regular food, and regular sleep, and no they're not semi-toys for slightly bigger cousins. Ok, plush pillows, fine, if you promise to lie still and just sleep, no biting, no scratching, no wrestling, no pinching, deal? This was you three weeks ago, you wouldn't have appreciated a lot of pushing around and disturbed sleep then, would you?
070929 013
I did make your living quarters look nice, with fresh sheets, is it too much to ask that you try and keep it looking at least slightly presentable? Do you have to make such a mess immediately, I mean, you could at least make the joint bed, couldn't you? Yes you do look adorable, very much so, oh yes you do, but pretty please, go and play outside instead.

This quite unacceptable behaviour is giving me grey hairs, the utter disregard of houserules amongst the rowhouses. And really, the mothers aren't exactly helping. They just sit there purring away, lying there content and happy with life, with a whole lot of babies in a common pile. The lack of discipline, the obvious lack of moral concept is just appalling. Is there possibly such a thing as a union representative for human inhabitants in a cat's household that could give me some practical, hands on advice in this situation?

This week's WCB is hosted by boo_licious at masak-masak


boo_licious said...

Thanks for joining us at WCB this weekend. Here's the link to the round-up:

The kittens are so adorable - a bit naughty but then I guess that's becoz they're too young at the moment.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Extremely sweet! I have a friend who also has such small kitties... How can one not fall in love with such cuties!!!

Poppy Q said...

Pia, they look all so cute mixed up together. Maybe the big ones are just looking after the babies.

Sounds like you run a good home for them all.

Poppy q

Kitikata-san said...

I love kittens! These are so cute. I loke the orange ones, who are all covered up by the blond one, because they have such pretty fur.

Pia K said...

Thanks ever so much for all your sweet comments!

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