Friday, September 14, 2007

I Purr, Therefor I Am

I may not look like much, more like a tiny vole than the adorable little kitty I supposedly am, but really, I'm only 12 days old. I do like to eat and sleep on a very regular basis. I have a strange godfather of a different specie that I've only met very briefly, but they say he's a fun one to be around.

I can't really focus my eyes, I can't stand on my legs, I snuggle, I crawl, I prefer to lie on my back and flail my tiny paws, with the sweetest pads imaginable, but I do purr if you rub my tummy - therefor I am indeed.

070914 018
My name is Viktor, someone said my colour is creamy delight. And that I make that someones heart goes ditty.

070914 038

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