Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Montagu to Bredasdorp

Need to refresh your memory? Here's the previous post on South Africa.
Sydafrika feb 2007 329
The small town of Montagu lies about two hours drive from Cape Town, apparently there are a lot of recreational things to do there, but we were sort of just passing through. But of course we did manage to have a swim in the hot springs - which was just lovely, even if it could hardly be called romantic by any means since the springs were a part of a big hotel complex and their swimming pools. And the area was just too well lit up if you wanted to look up on a star-spangled vault of heaven. But still, quite special.
Sydafrika 2007 408
And even if we didn't have the opportunity to visit what was said to be the best restaurant in a town full of fine dining places - Jessica's - we thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance, food and service (and prices!) at Templeton's at Four Oaks.
Sydafrika 2007 420
Sydafrika feb 2007 394
Sydafrika 2007 403
But the best experience was actually the friendly guesthouse, the room, with its oasis of a garden and the loveliest breakfast by far during the whole journey.
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Sydafrika 2007 418
Sydafrika 2007 409
Sydafrika feb 2007 393
The next day we continued down to
Sydafrika 2007 446
Cape L'Agulhas, which you can read all about here. But of course along the road finding the most wonderful views and colourful sceneries.
Sydafrika 2007 439
Sydafrika 2007 426
Sydafrika 2007 436
And, once again, being spoiled with finding a complete gem of a restaurant, pottery/interior decoration shop for lunch. Julian's in Bredasdorp. A fantastic place, colourful, artistic, amazing in every single way! I wish I could have brought every single piece of ceramic home with me, but I settled for some smaller items. And how about this little calico darling that had a bit of a nap in the shop... (just being the very second cat we spotted in ZA)
Sydafrika 2007 433
Sydafrika 2007 430
Sydafrika 2007 431
If it hadn't been for too much mayo, the food would have been perfect too. But all and all though, such a lovely, lovely place...
Sydafrika 2007 443
After Elvira having had her moments in the southernmost sun, we were on our way to the final guesthouse before our last week in Cape Town. A vineyard guesthouse in Stellenbosch that turned out to be the one and only really bad choice of places to stay, at least if you wanted a friendly welcome, decent rooms and warm food for dinner... Stay tuned for the next posting.

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