Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Call Me Ms Doolittle

Let me introduce you to some newfound friends - they were all remarkably friendly hence not really eager to pose for the camera. I met them today, on a mission on the very other side of town - can't say I condone with that way of keeping cats, having them roaming about fending for themselves in a densely populated area. Very far from my notion of responsible petowning... But that's a whole other issue... -
071002 027
Friend # 1 - I was so surprised to kind of stumble over a purebred Abyssinian out and about on its own. Either a very fat neuter male, perhaps female or possible a very pregnant female. I'm really appalled if it's the case of the latter... Extremely cuddly, very sweet indeed.
071002 035
Friend # 2 - a really beautiful, crossbred girl with a truly original tortie kind of snowshoe pattern and colour. Also big cuddler # 2
071002 040
Friend # 2 - black-white bicolour housecat, deep asleep in the flowerbed, but very quick to wake up demanding a cuddle when yours truly aka Ms Doolittle turned up. I'm completely flattered by all this attention, sort of feeling like the Cat catcher in Stockholm, with kind of a magic camera instead of a magic flute. I'm sure it couldn't have anything to do with me giving off some very cat intoxicating aromas...
070930 039
The other day I did meet a very friendly, tiny little one, who definitely took a keen liking to my autumnal skirt - and today I met its relative feasting on the very last flowers of summer...
071002 020
Admittedly, I've got a long way to go before I can actually talk to the animals, still I am all perceptive of them, most of them being so very lovely in their very own little - or larger - way...

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