Friday, October 19, 2007

Poncha, Grump & Growl

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This is Poncha, in my opinion a *quite* revolting honey, lemon, rhum beverage from Madeira. Got it when we spent a lovely Christmas there some years ago - a place of wonderful, fresh food and drinks, except coffee and then this grody thing.

However it is kind of handy to have as a cold remedy - but as might be visible from the still-after-years-remaining content of the bottle, it is also kind of difficult to gobble down, even in tiny doses. I can safely say I shudder just thinking of it... I can't imagine it being a cool drink ingredient, as it is said to be, well, perhaps if your only aim in a night on the town is to throw up it might just be the thing...

Right now though, I'm contemplating whether gulping down the last remaining cloudy fluid of that Poncha-bottle would be the thing or not for a good night's sleep. Since for nearly 24 hours, there has been a completely annoying, regular, medium-pitched noise coming from one of my neighbours - sounds travel easily through the thick walls in these atrium-houses here - which makes it almost impossible to sleep, since the sound is most audible in the bedroom...

I know the sound - kind of what can emanate from a sound system that isn't completely shut down - from before summer. Then it was on and off regularly for about a week, we thought they might be renovating or something, and it wasn't on at night. Since I like late nights and not so early mornings though I didn't appreciate it being "turned on" in the wee hours of the morning... But just when I was going completely crazy from it and was ready to storm in - I'm not 100% sure which neighbour's causing it though - like a mad banshee, it stopped completely. Simple bliss.

I have no interest whatsoever in socializing with my neighbours more than a random hallo-how-are-you-nice-weather, I don't know half of the people who lives in this common land society of ours, and thus I'm not all that excited about having to thwack some strangers door in order to get some quiet. Especially since I'm not sure which exact stranger's door to pound. So right now I'm not in a good mood, I limp, it's raining and I just might look like some nasty creature that has come haunting pre-Halloween. I think I'll settle for some private grump and growling plus earplugs. For now.

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