Monday, October 15, 2007

On the Food Front

Here's an update on new things tried out in the kitchen of yours truly, and no all this food haven't been gobbled down during the past weekend...

070927 003
Hot vegetarian wok with cashew nuts & tagliatelle - very tasty and so simple to make, a new favourite!
070929 023
Mushroom salad with a twist, as above, very tasty and simple, will so make again as a great side dish!
070929 029
Creamy potatoes & bean salad, the dressing was just too much of everything and I really don't like the amount of mayo the recipe called for so I downsized it considerably and it was still too much. So next time I won't make that kind of icky dressing, but just go for something simple that will compliment the potatoes and beans better
071013 023
Vegetarian wholegrain pizza with courgette, paprika and carrots - as I've said before I'm not much of a pizza fan but I thought it would be fun to try and make one of my own. The pizza dough became too thick for my liking and I wasn't all that impressed by the flavours. Will probably not make again...
070930 079
Banana, pecan & white chocolate muffins, absolutely delicious little things that freeze well
071003 004
Banana pecan/walnut cake, different and less sugar, different flour than the recipe called for and it was a hit, all moist, crunchy and delicious
071009 054
Banana pie, an old favourite that's so simple to make, pretty wholesome and always much appreciated at different kind of get togethers
And as usual, if you want a recipe, get in touch.

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