Thursday, October 11, 2007

Great Expectations

It's neither raining nor snowing today - despite the threatening forecast - but this evening it'll most definitely be a question of Singin' in the Rain. A pre-birthday present for me is tickets to the much acclaimed Swedish musical interpretation of the wonderful classical movie musical with that same name. Therefor I hum a bit at the moment, feeling kind of drolly.

I admit I rarely appreciate musicals, or any kind of theatre, in general. There are always exceptions to the rule, but well, it's just too *how odd* theatrical for my personal liking. I like to get completely absorbed, intrigued, fascinated, entertained, upset, happy, sad, thoughtful, educated when I go to the theatre or the cinema. I rarely get that from plays and musicals - and really amazing actors tend to act very strained when on stage as opposed to in movies - I often get that from movies or TV-series, not to mention reading or experiencing life in general. Hence I tend to prefer the latter alternatives.

One exception to the rule of not liking musicals is Singin' in the Rain - I just love that movie, it's brilliant in every tiny detail! So now I do hope this musical on stage, as opposed to the original on film, will live up to any expectations I might have. Perhaps not great ones, but at least realistic optimistic, agog, tiny, slightly excited ones...

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