Monday, October 08, 2007

I Capture The Castle, part II

070930 062

Skokloster Castle, one of the most amazing and beautiful castles I've been to, and one of the few I actually thoroughly enjoyed a guided tour at. The largest privately built castle in Sweden, in the early 17th century - during the so called Age of Greatness -, situated a few miles north of Stockholm. With a stunning view over the lake Mälaren och a grand park for nice walks any time of the year.

Inside the castle it offers an evocative and grand milieu, that will make not only a castle buff, but simply anyone, sigh in awe and delight (apart from the stuffed animal bit...). Definitely well worth a visit all year around! There's also an annual Christmas fair which is rather enjoyable.

If you like more details on the castle and its rich history I suggest you read more at their website, here I'll give just give you some glimpses of its beautiful outside and surroundings, when I captured it on a pretty fabulous autumn day the other week...

070930 047
070930 054
070930 057
070930 067


Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Stunning! I think I'd enjoy that guided tour, too (though in general I hate them).

Pia K said...

Thanks! Yes I'm pretty certain you would, an amazing place in many ways.

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