Friday, October 12, 2007

Briefly Chocolate

It's been quite a busy week for me, with lots of nice outings and happenings. Too little of sleeping - something both I and my little grey ones enjoy and need to have in order to avoid grumpiness, not to mention getting a serious case of wittiness reduction - and more than a lot of shank's pony using *gee ha*.

Right now I'm feeling completely worn out, but in a very satisfied, pleased way. Some nice Friday night dinner - and for well-deserved dessert some of that delicious chocolate I bought at the annual Chocolate Festival today, open all weekend if you happen to be interested, not that it was all that well worth visiting, but... -, feet up, curling up in the sofa before I crash into bed - this weekend will most probably only be spent pottering about in house and garden, cuddling with kittens *little do they know what awaits them...* and relaxing. And just maybe a bit of semi-coherent blogging...

And of course - Congratulations to IPCC and Al Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

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