Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating Out - Bönor & Bakat

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Once upon a time I read about this café, Bönor & Bakat (Beans & Baked), being a smokey high school kids teeny-bopper hang out. The latter wouldn't have deterred me - only having just left that category of folks turned grown up myself - but being a *somewhat* rabid anti-smoker the previous (unconsciously) kept me from dropping by years after the Swedish smoking ban in restaurants and cafés was instilled.

A while back being in the vicinity I thought I'd finally give the place a go. Something I very much wish I had done earlier when I tasted the food. Unpretentiously they serve different sandwiches, light foods like salads, pasta and pies, sweets, coffee and tea. Their menu has rather a few options for vegetarians. The portions of food seem to be very generous in general, hence food and possible dessert can be split in two. The tea is also served in nice large bowls. Everything at reasonable prices.

If it wasn't for the, with some exceptions (call dibs sofa seat in window), less than cosy interior all this makes for a long seating in good company. Well, I'm probably willing to overlook the less-than-cosy factor for the food and good company actually. Do I get non-grumpy points for that or what.
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As for the food, there are some interesting options I'd like to try, but so far I've less than adventurously stuck to the three things I and my taste buds completely fell for on the first lunch visit; the baked potato with a deliciously seasoned cottage cheese-feta-pesto mix with salad, the blueberry or raspberry pie - which one can, should really, compose a song of praise about -and a hunk of steaming tea. The food part is shared, the tea part I happily gulp down all by myself.

The pies are so pretty too look at in the fridge counter, they don't look nearly as good in the bowl drowned in custard. But they taste divine, in a homemade crunchy and chewy, sweet and sour way. Pretty close to pie heaven.
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The guests are a mix of people, all ages and different walks of life, including a dash of the pram mob, but I'm glad to report they have actually behaved rather well as opposed to at other places for food. More non-grumpy points to be had here.

During the warmer seasons the café has a small outdoor seating area on the pavement. Which could be nice if this wasn't at one of the busiest streets in Stockholm, I kind of fail to see the appeal of gulping down the food with an overdose of exhaust emissions. Non-grumpy just discerning and health conscious.

If you don't happen to walk in on a day when sullen face teenage girl serves the staff also gets thumbs up. Oh yes, extra plus for magenta coloured walls adorned with quirky art.
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Café Bönor & Bakat (Beans & Baked)
S:t Eriksgatan 81, Stockholm
open Mon-Fri 8-22 (8 am-10 pm), Sat-Sun 9-22 (9 am-10 pm)


Siri said...

Hi Pia...I just came across your blog today for the first time and thought I'd write a note to say hei! It's always fun to come across other blogs from Scandinavia and yours is a lot of fun. I also checked out your etsy shop and your mittens are really cute!

Pia K said...

Hi Siri - which happens to be the name of one of my cats too, a cute one:) - thanks a lot for your kind words!

stromsjo said...

Wish I would encounter a good soup restaurant again. Yes, there's Sibirien but I rarely find myself in that part of town.

Pia K said...

Sibirien sounds like a nice place, thanks for the tip, Per! You know, being kitchen challenged or not (not that I'm implying you might be...;) making your own soup is just so darn easy. If you want I can send you some easy peasy recipes?

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