Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Acquisition of Nora, the Short Version

To cut a long (about seven months) story short, meet the newest member of my beloved handbag family. Nora. And with exquisite female (handbag acquisition) logic she was for free. To cut a much longer and, to say the least, annoying story short, free in this case meaning another previous bought handbag was of faulty design/making thus ended up rejected and money refunded. Yes I did say free, ah such a deduction can surely only come from the cleverest of minds.

Nora is of the same brand as last summer's green lizard shoes, Spanish El Naturalista (a company with some interesting eco projects going on), and I'm thrilled I was finally able to purch... get her for free. And as if the look, design and intricate outside details - just look at that gorgeously made lock in shape of a lizard - weren't enough to drool over, it turned out she had the most amazing apple green lining. With the perfect amount of compartments and such.

The stitching is both well- and hand-made, but still with a charming rugged, lovely irregular look.

There was even a wee surprise in one of the compartments, a small wallet for days when you travel light. And this is her, in all glorious deep darkish grey looks. The perfect satchel I've been looking for in vain for many years, with long long straps, a reasonable weight, a size that fits all things necessary, and then some. Welcome to the family, Nora ~



Anonymous said...

Hej, I really like your photos. I´m following you blog for a while now and your photos are really amazing!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Tardis19, very kind of you to take your time and express that!

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