Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talk to the Hand


Today I will graciously let the hands do the talking. Since they're all spruced up and ready to show off. Or at least that was the general idea and what I had hoped for when I finally got my hands on - oh the pun of it - a much coveted trainee treatment at prestigious - home of the world renowned Swedish massage - Axelsons Gymnastical Institute.

I have been known to find more or less delight in their different supplies of trainee treatments, massages, zone therapy, shiatsu, facials, pedicures. For about 1/3 of the cost of a salon treatment you get a usually rather good, no frills, experience for sore muscles and worn minds. This was however my first go at the manicure. Nature cosmetics only, hence no varnish and such.

And I think I can safely say that this was my first and only go at it. Because as lovely as the hand massage was - mmm... - the rest of the treatment I can do, and do, at home. Myself. Oil, hand bath, scrub, a very passing cuticle treatment, nail filing, French manicure... And the uncomfortable position I had to sit in during that just over an hour treatment left me in aching need of a full body massage. Which of course just might have been the purpose.

I have been, and still am I suppose, contemplating taking some of their classes. I'd love to learn more about aromatherapy, massage at work - a whole lot of people in need of a regular work day moment of relaxation out there - and just for the pleasure and adorable fun of it, take a weekend course in dog and cat massage.

One unexpected effect of the manicure though, was that I am now able to actually lift a man in hand all by myself. That's quite impressive, don't you think?



Anonymous said...

LOL! Cool post!


Pia K said...

Ha, ha, glad you thought so, Paz:)

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