Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil

My nose is a sensitive one. I have been known to swoon - in delight or otherwise and mostly only in a metaphorical way - from the perfect composition of perfume, after shave, body splashes, essential oils, whiffs of flowers and herbs and so forth. So thank you cats and your litter boxes for keeping me grounded on a daily basis and somewhat less scent fastidious than I could be if I'd only live in a sacheted world.

My scent memory is a strong one - as I suppose it is in most beings - and some scents do linger on over many, many years (both on a concious as well as unconscious level.) And one of my long term favourite scent friends is the Nuxe multi purpose dry oil in the photo - multi purpose as in for body, face and hair - above. It has such a wonderful, tantalizing, swooning in a both uplifting and calming way scent to it.

The skincare product contains six precious plant oils which, I think, work wonders outside in and incapsulate oneself in a really lovely, yet subtle, scented longlasting manner. The oils are St John's wort, a plant due to its many powerful features is being used against various ailments, in calmatives, anti-depressants, herbal teas, antiseptics. If overdosed it can be poisonous. Borage, also a potent plant that contains many different oils and has anti-inflammatory properties. Camellia, is apparently more than a pretty flower.


Macademia - also one major ingredients in the Aussie haircare range not to mention one very nice flavour in Häagen-Dazs icecream -, hazelnut and sweet almond, speaks for themselves.

Not the cheapest of products, but of very high quality and worth every drop of enchanting loveliness and velvety feel of skin. Not to mention swoon factor. Now and then one deserves a treat. I once tried the oil version that contains golden particles for extra shimmer. Big mistake. The shimmer particles rubbed off everywhere, on clothes and things I handled. Silly product.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting product. Even if a little expensive, sounds like it is worth the price.


Pia K said...

Definitely is, Paz, it's lovely, lovely.

philadelphia wedding photographers said...

Wow this flowers looks like candy flower,....

Pia K said...

Indeed it does, pwp, camellias come in many stunning colours and patterns, and exquisite looks.

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