Friday, February 13, 2009

Ice, Ice, Malte

Today's forecast cold and sun i e perfect weather for a long loaf doggie walk in the nearby woods. Turned out that it was not only cold the forest paths covered with a thin layer of snow treacherously hid ice, ice everywhere.

Very small loafs with four short legs and a reasonable drop height couldn't care less. Oafs with two long legs and a very unreasonable possible drop height did care a lot and ended up fearlessly striding through the vegetation instead.


Hey, what's taking so long, hurry up will you
I spot bird -
- bird in tree, I'm on ground, so is bird food, conclusion; bird food meant for me

Intended walk became sadly shortened, not much of a sun either. Really, I would have expected more of Friday the 13th.


Felis said...

So sweet and beautiful!

Pia K said...

Thanks for swinging by, Felis:)

John said...

Awwww! Little guy! : ))

Pia K said...

:), John.

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