Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Prosit Venture


Just thought I'd briefly no fuss mention my newish semi-secret - yeah right online - venture, as in my wee word and image smithy Prosit. Being somewhere between the planning stage and serious business one might say.

At least I've got me a snazzy looking site (happy, happy, even more grateful) and some lovely looking MOO cards (notice green backside on these recycled material cards.) So feel free to head over there and take a peek, you might find something you like. Any thoughts and questions, please get in touch



Wendy said...

Very exciting! The site looks wonderful. Good luck with it all!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Nice looking site Pia! Good luck with it. I hope it all goes very well for you :)

Anonymous said...

Sending many well wishes on your new venture! The other day the boy and I were talking about where to take R&R that 'The State' pays for. One of his suggestions was Sweden because "of that girl you talk to there...I bet she'd be able to tell us all kinds of places to check out." Not only can you, you advertise!

I *think* we will go to London (if at all) because that's as far as they pay for. But I'll get to Sweden someday too. Your photos and descriptions are always so lovely that I won't be able to resist a Prosit itenerary. Looking forward to the opportunities that you will add to your portfolio.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Wendy!

And thanks, Holler!

Oh, that would be great, Heather! And if not to Sweden this time around I do hope you get to see London or somewhere else nice in Europe. Personally I would then opt for Edinburgh instead, or Berlin, but that's just me...:)

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