Sunday, February 08, 2009

By Candlelight

I'm a huge fan of candles in almost any shape and size, oh very much so scented ones too. Nothing quite sets the mood as well as candles and candlelight. Especially this time of the year. This six-seven months of the year. The wee problem is that cats and candles don't go so well together, the flickering of candlelight seems to be very inviting and fascinating for the furry bunch. Hence the use of candles and sticks really alas isn't what it used to be in this household. Even the dash of burnt cat tend to smell a not so nice.
Right now I'm looking for the perfect lantern to have on my living room table - that's where the most of the candlelight action is had, in front of the TV with a cuppa - big enough to fit a few pretty larger candles small enough to not block the TV when one takes the horizontal pose in sofa. Good quality but not ridiculously expensive. When I find one, well then the whole nasty winter but not quite winter grey slosh though still icy roads and misty days business can play on its own outside. Tea, candles, movies, books, cats and loafie, who can ask for more.


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

My cats show no interest in my candles, which is just as well as I have been burning them since Christmas. Isn't it lovely sitting in the flicker of candlelight on a cold winter's night.

Terry said...

Dear Pia K
I think I told you once that my niece Rachel loves candles.
Fortunately she has no cats and the dogs don't seem to bother.
If we have a power failure here, we light an old fashioned coal lamp that we have on our piano.
It is quite nice, the flickering of it but oh we just miss the computers so much that we are always happy when the hydro has returned.

I just bet that this snowy road lined with those bare trees is some pretty sight in the fall time eh Pia K?...Love Terry

Pia K said...

Indeed it is, Holler, and that are wellbehaved cats you have there!

Oh, yes, Terry, as we've gotten used to computers and the Internet as much as most of us have these days and for other reasons too of course, power failures are all but good. But one can just turn off the lights and enjoy candlelight and still work the computer you know...;)

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