Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feel good recycle

Just because I love a message in a bottle - though far from always, as in this case, the liquid in the bottle, but more on that later - and a good sign ~
Let's practise Swedish; "återvinning" - recycling, "station" ~ site, "återvinnare" - recycler, "åter" - again, "vinnaren" - the winner


godines said...
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godines said...

gosh! i need to practice my swedish. been here for a few months, but can barely manage to say 'hej'.. on your previous post, i like the idea of having granola for fat tuesday. i didn't have a semla, either, tho. but tried it a few days ago. it was huge!

Pia K said...

Well, godines, "hej" is a good start...:) I know, too many "semlas" are really too much, good to split in half. Thanks for stopping by!

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