Monday, February 23, 2009

As Winter Returns with the Scent of Green Green Grass


With a very sudden return of winter with blizzards and relentless winds - though making a very pretty winter wonderland yet again - I'm glad I can at least enjoy feeling squeaky gree... ahem, clean with the scent of green green grass in soapy shower shape.




I also have a greenish, wonderful new friend, who will very soon get a full presentation in a post of her own. But for now, here's a postcard from the wondrous winter land where secret dreams and fairy tales are woven, just follow the road ahead...


Poppy Q said...

Hi Miss Pia,
I love the new look on your blog. That sure is some crazy snow, I feel bad for complaining that we were too hot at the weekend, as it reached about 33 degrees C. Overnight temperatures were about 23 degrees, so just a sheet was needed. Now back in Wellington, it is a bit cooler.

So keep warm and cosy.

Julie and Poppy Q

Forever Feline said...

I LOVE the last photo and the soap looks divine!

Felis said...

I like your winter photos and the new look on your blog too.

hkki said...

I also liked the last photo.

Pia K said...

Oh, glad you liked the new look too, Julie and Poppy Q! Well, most things in moderation I suppose, both too much cold, snow and sun, heat have their downsides. As well as upsides of course.

Ah, glad you liked, Forever Feline:)

Pleased you did, Felis, thanks for letting me know:)

Thanks, hkki, instantly when I saw the walkway it reminded me of the Narnia-books actually...:)

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