Friday, February 06, 2009

Food Medley

Since the last medley, this is some of the more or less wild things that have been going on in my kitchen.

No fan of green peas in general, this pasta did not only made for a pretty picture, it was quite lovely to eat as well. Tricolore fusilli pasta with green peas and carrots in creamy sauce with fried halloumi

Very tasty vegetarian pie in spelt pie shell with courgettes, leek, mushrooms, garlic and tomatoes

Just red (cherry tomatoes) and green (cucumber) tossed together with sunflowerseeds (goes with everything)

Lovely, simple potatoe au gratin
So much better than I had anticipated was this delicious, creamy mushroom soup with a dash of sherry. Served with...

... lovely portion bread made with graham-spelt flour and rosemary

Another version of cep-garlic-parsley pasta, much better than the other version, it must have been the carrots who made this one rather nice eating experience.

Asparagus soup. Just as boring as it looks. Much ado about nothing.

Delicious ratatouille style pasta with cherry tomatoes, carrots, courgette, red onion and feta cheese. Loads of garlic too.

Now this is a soup for real sybarites, delicious broccoli soup sprinkled with fetacheese for those who like that touch.

Another wonderful soup, not just in colour, courgette-saffron, mmm...

Not much to write home about, hotchpotch with courgettes, paprika, green beans, cep, spnach and cashewnuts. It lacked a certain oomf of something...

081205 007
Classic Swedish pepper nuts Christmas cookies - nah, very dry and utterly boring if you ask me, no fan of cookies in general.

This was the first time for me making saffron buns with almond paste filling, saffron and almond paste being two ingredients that are made for each other. However these buns turned out average nothing to get ecstatic about and that outcome forced me to bake the classic lussebuns for Christmas again...

The disappointing saffron muffin roses I've mentioned before, but they're just so darn cute I had to show another picture. And the muffins with raspberries I made in the same mold later turned out lovely...

Nope no fan of cookies am I, but it can be rather comforting just to make and enjoy the scents that whiffs through the house and have ready in the freezer for guests. And I mean, there can be exceptions to the not-like-cookies-rule, right? Like these may not look much but taste divine easy to make ginger snap cookies. Kind of addictive actually.

Nice, but not amazing gingerbread squares with lingonberries

The only "must" for me on Christmas Eve table is Ris á la Malta (a version of rice pudding), topped with raspberry jam...

What, no sweets at home on Christmas Eve! Well a piece of marzipan, melted milk chocolate and sunflowerseeds (forever a life saver) made for a reasonably sweet and nice round off to an otherwise healthy meal.

My half sister E has served this stunner of an almond cake for years and years. Now I finally got the recipe of this sure doesn't look much, but it's melt in your mouth delicious cake...

The New Year's dessert - raspberry parfait with rhum and crushed Daim. It was... lovely to look at, just lovely to eat...


This is something that might look cute, but tastes so way much better than that, amazing chocolate macaron style cookies with truffle which are just melt in your mouth heavenly as well as being deliciously chewy. Sweet things just don't get much better than this. I'm glad they're slightly messy to make, otherwise I'd probably end up looking like one myself...

Feel like a red or yellow smoothie
~ Interested in a recipe or two? Get in touch and I'll see hm, if I can remember where I put them... ~


Shoshana said...

Wow! Those are serious cooking and baking. I wish you live nearby and I can hire you to prepare food for my party.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, yes that would be something, Shoshana:)

Terry said...

Dear Pia K
You are a wonderful cook!
Who says that the vegetarian diet is boring?!
I like the looks of all of your soups.
I really don't like asparagus but I just bet that Mom Golden would love that asparagus soup that you made!
I am not a sweet eater but I love macaroons and those "whatever you like balls" look really yummy.
And any of the pasta dishes you made I could go for too...minus the garlic..Ha!!
Your dishes are so pretty too.
These photos could easily be put into a magazine!
You are a very fine lady Pia K!! And yet you are not a snob!..Love Terry

Terry said...

PS..Pia K
Do you make your own jam too?

Pia K said...

Thanks, Terry, for a sweet comment!! I still have the translation of the saffron buns for you on my to do list (haven't forgot) so I'll get the asparagus soup at the same time. Not my favourite, but every palate is different:)

I have been known to make a jam or two, but I'm not much of a jam person myself and I think it's rather dull so...

You know, I can be quite a snob now and then, but with age and wisdom (sort of) less and less:) However, it's the perfect attitude to have when you find someone completely annoying in an argument or such things. I let it work for me in those situations instead:)

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