Saturday, February 21, 2009

On the Groovy Green Theme


As the world according to me is buzzing with new green vibes I thought it would be fun to celebrate green in all sorts of shapes and forms for a wee while. Today green will come in the shape of the caring city by the water, in the lovely Knitta-style installations which can be found here and there always a delightful surprise that certainly light up any day. And not only for the poor cold, lonely beings that have been adorned in creative and colourful outfits.

But before first of all, do notice my world is now also sporting a rather snazzy footer - scroll down, can be found at the bottom of blog page - yes, it's *surprise* green. Me pleased. Very pleased.


Another thing that I like is the brave people in Stockholm, the ones who dare ignore the fact that despite glorious sunshine it's still several degrees C below zero and no matter how lovely the weather is it's freezing cold, too darn cold for having lunch outdoors. At least it is for us very less than brave ones.


Some beings have no choice but to endure the outdoors, come rain, come shine, come heat, come snow and freezing cold. Now they at least have a bespoke outfit of the unique, warming and mood lifting kind. That's quite comforting to know.



More Knitta-style in Stockholm can be found in previous posts here and here


Anonymous said...

Very, very nice! Love your new look and the knitting, too. ;-)

happy weekend!

Prixie said...


Coach With Lynn said...

These are bautiful. Stumbled on to your blog because I have a google alert for "Celebrate Green," since that's the name of our book :) Just thought you might like to know how people find you!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Paz, glad you liked it. Both:)

Thanks, Prixie!

Thanks, Coach With Lynn, imagine that, and thanks for your visit:)

crocrodyl said...

They are beautiful! Great idea! Full of optimism:)

Pia K said...

Ah yes, aren't they just, m_m, full of optimism, that's so true:)

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