Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Case of Mistaken Identity


The writer of this blog claims - as do miraculously her appendage and associates - that she can't wait until spring comes so I can get a decent fur cut, because - as she constantly seems to have to point out - someone might mistaken me for one of these fellows any day now.


I clearly see - or not so clearly, I wouldn't mind a bit of eyebrow trim - no resemblance whatsoever. To neither of Ruffle, Tousle or Goldilocks - although the latter name does have a very pleasant ring in my well shaped ears - or their family.

The well shaped ears who have a well trained tendency to overhear or not hear at all, depending on the advantage the hearing might give me loafie extraordinaire. And as far as these not-at-all-looking-like-me creatures above go, I did overhear the blog writer mention, with just a slightly embarrassed tone in her voice, that one of these days she might be charged with trespassing for with this constant - borderline obsessive if you ask me - urge to get all close and semi-personal with farm animals.


My perfectly adorable ears even heard her mention something about childhood goats, horses, dogs and cows and a grandmother thought of her being abducted while she was oblivion to the outside world only socializing with cats on a hay loft. IMHO she is kind of missing a few hens in the hen house between her far from as adorable as mine ears, but notwithstanding that I sort of dig her anyway.

I like it when she caresses my ears and softly calls me loafie, doggie, hairy meatball, little squirrel - yes I'm a lean, wee fellow who can easily be mistaken for a squirrel - and other corny epithets. And but for her far too seldom giving me green bones and squeaker toys and far too often put me in bathtub, rinse, shampoo and rinse I sort of suspect she rather digs me back.



Anonymous said...

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aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Is it that Malte looks like the cows - or is it that the cows look like him....? ;-)

stromsjo said...

We all dig you back Malte! Stay the course and be decisive. No more schampoo this month!

Terry said...

Ha!! That Malte sure does hear a lot with his selective hearing, eh Pia K.?
Oh well the main thing is that the two of you dig each other. You are two peas in a pod the way you are constantly shampooing!
Maybe that doggie can teach that Bernie a thing or two........Love Terry

Pia K said...

Thanks for visiting leaving a nice comment, FWPRP.

In Malte's world it's of course the cows that look like him, AFoS, for the rest of us, well...:)

Thanks, Per, although I'm not sure about the "no more shampoo this month" thing...:)

Ha, ha, well, Malte doesn't get shampooed quite as often as I though, Terry:)

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