Monday, March 02, 2009

Organic Teas


Papaya Babaco ~ looks wonderful, smells heavenly and tastes lovely, threesome thumbs up!


Citrusmumma ~ citrus fruits and cardamom, smells divine, shows so much promise, tastes sadly... a bit... tame, flat thus rather uninteresting to drink. Not a reinvestment object obviously.

Both teas are organic and come from Swedish coffee roastery & tea merchants Johan & Nyström. Retailers of their products can be found here. Myself I got my teas at Ester's - the place that serves a scrumptious afternoon tea...



Jan said...

I'd buy Papaya Babaco on it's looks alone. Sounds wonderful.

Pia K said...

I didn't even realize it looked so great before I opened the package at home, Jan. I just liked the taste (and scent) when I had it at the café. Yum.

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