Monday, July 06, 2009

castle spotting - house of the binns, scotland


Misty, gloomy, abandoned, eerie, sinister, haunted, spooky, insidious... The adjectives I find when describing the House of the Binns are somewhat ghostly, because that's the main feeling I get from the place. The Binns, located some miles west of Edinburgh, is indeed a fascinating smallish castle beautifully situated in a vast parkland.


There are lots of sheep and plenty of poo in the outskirts of the property and


cooing~screaming~calling peacocks roaming the close castle garden.


But my overall impression of it is some non tangible unfriendliness and an air of deceitful intentions. We haven't been inside (partly due to opening hours being somewhat tricky), and I'm not sure I would want to even if I could. I believe that the overwhelming suspicious feel of being turned into a Miss Toad or possibly be the main ingredient in a Swedish-Scottish stew isn't to be taken lightly. Call it female intuition. Or just plain sensible self-preservation.


National Trust for Scotland,
House of the Binns


Hawk and Weasel said...

Totally surreal peacock! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Great shots. I like the ones of the peacock. I'd like to visit this place.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Hee hee - it does look a bit intimidating, doesn't it? But then again, so do the majority of Scottish castles.

Their owners are all big softies, honest...

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Beautiful pictures. The mysterious mixed with the sublime.

Pia K said...

It kind of is/was, thanks, HaW!

Thanks, Paz, you're brave, you might end up in a Scottish-American stew you know...;)

Ah, well, I don't know about that, afos...;)

Thanks, Titania!

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