Monday, July 27, 2009

cheese and grapefruit

090722 001

Not much of a cheese person myself, but couldn't resist these wonderful very Wallace-and-Gromity post cheese earrings for my much more cheese loving mother. And yes, she did adore them. I did too, in a totally-cute-but-not-wanting-cheese-ears-myself-way.


My sunny yellow treat for self were a pair of dangling grapefruit earrings instead. As opposed to the cheese posts, these are totally cute in a I-love-grapefruit-and-I-have-to-have-them-way. Very summery and fresh looking. If I was a miniature person, with peas for brain, I might be very tempted to eat them. However I'm neither, I happily settle for them brass dangling in ears.

From PetitPlait on Etsy - same talent that made the strawberry icecream earrings and chocolate mousse cake hairpins - a shop chockablock of minuscule delights. ~

090722 013


Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Thanks! Lovely photos as well :)
Glad your mother and yourself like those!

mangocheeks said...

Such pretty ear-rings.

Pia K said...

You're quite welcome, Stéphanie:)

Oh yes, aren't they just, mangocheeks!

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