Tuesday, July 21, 2009

random tuesday thoughts

:: There's a minuscule hedgehog eating a whole lot of cat food on my property. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one who, so far, hasn't seen him/her. I can only imagine how adorable he/she is...

:: I do love my newish hairdo. Again. It might have something to do with the flat ironing. Something which I can't be bothered doing myself. Ever. So about every 8-10th week I fully enjoy having completely straight hair for a couple of days. As well as no more grey hairs for some weeks to come.

:: The average Swedish family with children seems to be the perfect contraceptive. When did things go so terribly wrong? Why do people have children when they clearly can't be bothered giving them enough time, rules or set boundaries? Or care how they behave or interact with others, people, the world.

:: Today it was a lot of pasta in my world (something I don't eat very often); lunch being a lovely fresh tortellini with pesto, ricotta, mushrooms and leek. And dinner being an ol' reliable of spaghetti with carrot-quorn sauce.

:: Dessert; strawberries and "Midsomer Murders". Alas the bittersweet last episode for this season. (No summer is far from over. Not!) Although, Tuesday night follower is last season of "Foyle's War". Top notch.

:: I really. really. wholeheartedly loath singalongs. It doesn't only ruin any party, I find it quite appalling that so (too) many Swede/stockholmers watch/participate in Swedish summer Tuesday night television singalong. Ugh. When I become president one of the first things on my agenda will be banning of singalongs. Hopefully that will be soon.

:: Why is it so difficult to pack a suitcase with the right (amount) of clothes? No matter destination. Either one packs too much or too little or just plain wrong-ish (always missing something special). Can it be one has too much options - nah - too much time on one's hand to think about it - nah - or making too big a deal of what one wears - nah.

:: Why do so many Swedes complain about the weather? Every. single. summer. If it's not too hot - which granted it can be - it's too rainy - it happens - it's too cold - sometimes. I firmly believe we've had some pretty awesome Swedish summers with a grand mix of weather-types these past years and the only really awfully cold and sad one I can remember was 1998. But the summer-weather-grump really seems to be many Swedes favourite tune. Beware of having a different opinion when the mighty Swedish summer-weather-grump is on...

:: Not only infatuated with my own hairdo (which may sound slightly borderline mental, sad and lonely or just plain fetish. Neither is true in my case. Honestly) I also love the El Naturalista shoes I spent a portion of the tax refund on a while back. Apart from the first time wear major blister on left heel (which can only be blamed on silly me for wearing them barefoot on a hot day) they've been just great, roomy, supportive, giving the walk a springy, determine gait (oh, my favourite walk!). The deep, mustardy yellow colour also deepens with wear and weather just keeps getting nicer. These shoes were made for walking. With love ~



Poppy Q said...

Your shoes look so sweet. Thanks for todays posts, they made me smile.

We all complain about the weather wherever we live. On Saturday night there was a documentry about the moon landings on tv here and Buzz Aldrin said that since he had been to the moon in 1969, he had not got back to earth and complained about the weather once.

Today is warm and sunny here, so the door are open and I am off for a walk.

Holly And the Ivy said...

Ah, they can't be as bad as the Brits and complaining about the weather ;) Nothing is ever good enough for us. We had a heat wave a couple of weeks back and we complained, and now it's raining and cooler and we complain. Can't win eh? Hehe.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Julie, glad you liked them:) That was a really good and sensible quote/advice from Buzz!

Funny enough, Holly, I did think about Brits too when I wrote this, in the book I wrote about here
the main character found it very strange how much the Brits talked and ocmplained about the weather, since weather "just is"...:)

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