Thursday, July 30, 2009

twitter this, twitter that


I'm on Twitter since a few months back. I still really do not get what all the fuss (in some circles) is about. I rarely see anyone writing outstanding oneliners, and I rarely write them myself. I know, that's perhaps not the idea behind tweeting-twittering-whatevering, but as I love words, texts and wittiness I guess I'm just not, and will never be, a very inclined twitter myself. Or reading others attempts at it. Besides who has the time to keep up with it regularly...?

Now and then I feel an silly immediate urge in tweeting something though. If you like to see what that might be - follow me.

Are you on Twitter? If yes, what are your feelings towards the whole hullabaloo? Any obvious benefits from tweeting?


Wendy said...

My brother persuaded me to try Twitter for a day. He insisted I'd be hooked. Tweeted once and was bored. Just don't get it!

I am a Facebook fan though. :)

Ady said...

I forget that I have twitter most of the time. Plus, it is a little strange that there are people I have never HEARD of wondering what I am up to and following me on Twitter... Who does have time to update so regularly???

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I've been debating the whole Twitter thing for a little while now. My main concern is that I don't really have the time. I barely have enough time to blog!

Poppy Q said...

I don't want to spend time exploring twitter or facebook. I feel old but it all seems so High School to me.

As your friends have said Blogging is already a big timesuck, and we want to spend our extra hours out having fun, not writing about it.

At least blogging has weened me off buying rubbish gossipy magazines, although I still have to buy a couple a month.

Danangib said...

I'm on Twitter too, I read on someone's blog about it last year and I understood it's interesting and usefull, but in my opinion it's really boring, full of posts about how much somebody loves his/her ipod, new cellphone, etc...who cares ?

Anonymous said...

Lately, I don't have time for my blogs or to visit other blogs. I definitely don't have time to visit other people's Twitter accounts or to open my own Twitter account, No huge loss for the world, since I'm not witty. Won't be able to leave witty and entertaining tweets. ;-)


Pia K said...

Perhaps Twitter is a love or hate thing, Wendy, well a love or bored perhaps. Ah, Facebook, not my cup of tea, either...:)

I agree, it is weird with those unknown people who begin following you, Ady. I've also noticed there are a constant flow of nasty x-rated followers to keep an eye for blocking:( And yes, who has the time...

Ah, but you're really hooked now, afos, I can tell...;)

Quite right you are, Julie, I do get that teenager/high school feel about these things too. You get discerning with age, not old...;) But blogging is fun and open up to possibilites in a whole other way than tweeting does. I like the words and photos too much for appreciating that instant fix.

I'm all with you, Danangib, who cares about those things, "waiting for my non fat mocha latte at Starbuck's, I've been in queue for ages"... and so what??

Ha, ha, well, don't sell yourself short there, Paz, on the other hand, of course you can spend your time on much more useful and fun IRL stuff...:)

I also think it's rather interesting than no-one who LIKES/(finds it useful) Twitter has left a comment here... Yet...?

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