Sunday, July 19, 2009

the path of good intentions


Lots of nifty ideas and plans for the weekend turned into a lot of reading, thinking, watching movies, sleeping (not very well due to heat) instead. And, sadly, not even eating anything particularly nice. Yes the cherries were reasonably nice, but not as juicy, sweet delicious as I prefer them. (Perfectly free picked outside a nearby day care center, seems an awful waste not to eat them though.)

Garden looks reasonably nice, so instead of blabbing more nonsense, here are some more glimpses of that (ol' reliable)~


This tiny, perfect red rose I got some years ago from a dear friend. We've lost contact - for reasons to me unknown, but that's another story. I miss her though. And our talks - but the rose diligently appears every mid summer. A wee beauty.


Rudbeckia, sturdy, colourful and very bumblebee friendly.


The pink clematis is the only one of my three clematises that's planted by yours truly. The first summer in this house, which was seven years ago. Needless to say (really) it hasn't thrived as the other two that came with the house. Still pretty, but still small.


Some claim poppies are easy and grateful to grow. I say not. I've tried to please them countless of times, in vain. Now I've spotted two of them, not in flower bed but in lawn, source unknown. Kind of sweet just the same.


One (hairy) loaf also thought it was a rather humidly warm, lazy weekend. That just about sums it up. My weekend.


Poppy Q said...

The flowers are sweet, but I think that Malte is the cutest.

Sounds like a great relaxing weekend.

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I have to agree with Poppy Q. Malte and/or the cats win every time, no matter how beautiful the flowers are!

Pia K said...

Ah, I don't know about that, Poppy and afos, but thanks...;)

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