Tuesday, July 21, 2009

granola and blueberries


Breakfast, as semi-usual, although this granola muesli from Renee Voltaire, is in sad and complete lack of natural sweetness (despite what the package says). Very far from as lovely as the one from Almviksgårds bageri. Ah, much ado about a name... I'm glad I can rely on the perfect sweet apple sauce to spruce my meal.


These fine looking (squirrel approved) blueberries plan to adorn a cake I'm pretty excited about baking in a not too far future. Cake and possibly recipe to follow.

My plans for today hopefully involve an encounter with the world's best vanilla bun. (It's been a long time since. Far too long time...)

After much needed sprucing of the coiffure (others might look great in grey hair, myself I so do not. It just isn't me, unless I feel like sporting the inside out look of worn, haggard, miserable old witch. I usually don't).

Have a fine day, wherever, however you spend it~



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Sounds like some fine ways to pass the time, Pia. Looking forward to pics of the cake!

Pia K said...

It really was, afos! And here's the pics -


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