Friday, July 17, 2009

angel hat


Sometimes window shopping is enough. Quite more than enough. I'm still contemplating whether this is one of the most horrific hats I've ever seen or if it can perhaps, maybe, possibly fill some sort of purpose.


P.K said...

I have never seen anything so unfortunate, it is good that you restrained yourself and did not buy it.

Holly said...

I must agree, hehe. Though some would like it, and others would try and create something along the likes of it and sell it for silly amounts of money.

Just depends really, stick a famous hat makers name on it and it's worth will sky rocket, whether it's "pretty" or not.

That book next to it is interesting me though, I love old looking things. Well not to mention the rest of the items around the hat also :P

Holly <3

Ady said...

Well, I guess if something was falling from the sky, the angels might protect your head. :) (I would NEVER wear this!)

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, yes "unfortunate" is quite appropritae to describe it, P.K!

Well, apart from this horrible hat, Holly, the window display looks quite lovely, I agree. The shop never seems to be open when I pass it, so I haven't been able to get a peek inside. Yet... Will return with a report then, of course:)

Ah, THAT must be the reason for anyone making such a hat, Ady...;)

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