Thursday, July 16, 2009

owl earrings


The sweet woodland songbirds whispered in my ears that they wanted company from home. Nothing less than owls would do and who was I to refuse to get them friends shaped in a sibling mold? Promptly a couple of matching sweet, carefully sculpted owls moved in. The songbirds are very pleased and so am I.

Days when I feel extra daring I might even wear one owl and one bird in ears. And no, that won't make me feel like a scarecrow at all.


more work from
the sparrow's nest


Ady said...

Things like this make me wish I had pierced ears.

Pia K said...

oh but it's supereasy to adjust earrings to fit non-pierced ears, ady! i'm sure most sellers would do that if one asks (i know i would:)

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