Wednesday, July 15, 2009

garden state july

there are wild strawberries to be savoured,
there's and abundance of gorgeous red roses
(their only flaw complete lack of scent),
strange creatures with even
stranger pink attachments.
then you saw it, now you don't.
instead there's a ghostly vision visible
(to the botton right).
bye, bye lilac hedge for this season...
purple clematis has began to bloom,
and so has the white.
the omnipresent garden watchers.
who needless to say are quite comforting,
for a lot of reasons.
the strangest thing of all though,
is the discovery of a tiny strawberry plant
- five berries so far -
that saw it fit to plant roots in a patch,
without specific invitation.


Titania said...

Lovely summer with flora and berries. Goodbye dear Lilac you have been sweet. A beautiful, gregarious pair, watching the garden. I love their faces, so much character. I really would like to know their names.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania. As for the watchers, the red one is Knut, the blue-white one is Rutger. And the cream one above is Eulalia, who is actually the older sister of Knut as well as grandmother of Rutger...:)

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